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Examples of Video Evidence

Sedamsville Rectory: Heavy breath as Kevin finishes talking. Sounds very "unnatural"....and there were only two people in the building at that time. One holding the camera, and the other in frame of the camera. You decide.

EVP Session. Magnolia, Texas. Tom is the homeowner who is being harassed by unseen spirits. Here we capture what sounds like a man's voice responding to one of my questions. You decide.

EVP session at my house. I opened a Dybbuk Box and proceed to ask if anybody/anything was attached to the box and, if so, if they could please name themselves. What you hear is a class A EVP ton the playback that sounds like it says, "Lucifer." Unnerving, for sure. 

EVP Session. Baytown, Texas. Katlin, the homeowner, believes her deceased boyfriend (Kyle) is trying to communicate. You decide.

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