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Examples of Photo Evidence

Below are just a few of the many amazing photos that we have come across over the years during our investigations.  At worst, they are photos that could not be explained by any means during our investigations; At best are they a sign of the paranormal?  You be the judge and tell us what you think!

One of our clients was experiencing demonic activity in her home.  Upon investigating the location a GHOST Houston investigator was lifted and thrown 6 feet across a sidewalk by unseen forces.  Another investigator was followed home by these spirits and afflicted with a sickness while the smell of death emanated around his home.  This photo was taken in the client's home with nobody in the house.  An apparition is caught in the doorway to her bedroom.

A trap-cam was set off by something moving in front of this couple.  You will something bright on the right side of the pic and what looks like an arm with fingers, and maybe a leg.  What's unique about this pic is that the couple was completely still, the camera is set off by motion, and nobody else is in the room with them.

One of our clients reported getting bitten at night.  This picture shows the results.  GHOST Houston investigated this case and it turned into a demonic possession and cleansing by the Catholic Church.  

A client was experiencing activity (see bite above) and we captured this image in the reflection of the Lord's Supper photo.  This correlates with demonic activity throughout the house for the client.    

GHOST Houston was called to help out a family in panic.  They believed a demon was haunting them.  Is this photo the marking of that demon, a mocking of the holy trinity?  You decide.

GHOST Houston further investigated the demonic case of the woman with the 3 scratches and discovered that words were manifesting on her body by themselves.  Here we see what looks like the word  "Hell"....possibly with a third "L" in there. 

After the word "HELL"  was scratched into this woman's back, an upside cross appears.  

This photo was taken by us at the Sedamsville Rectory in Cincinnati, Ohio.  There is a history on animal torture and child abuse at this location.  The photo was taken in the attic of the location where we captured children's screams on our audio recorders.  Look in the window.  We captured what we believe to be an apparition, maybe two.  Are these children trying to communicate with us?

GHOST Houston captured this photo in the home of a man who's mother had died in the same home, in the same room where we see what appears to be a ghostly figure floating.  Is this the mother of the young man trying to communicate us and with her son?

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