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What Are Your Thoughts On Ouija Boards?

Working in the field of the paranormal brings with it many challenges. Furthermore, being a collector of all things paranormal over the years, I have had my fair run-ins with Ouija Boards. Do I play with them? No. Not really sure why I don't play with them, but I don't. I do believe in the mystical powers that they hold, however. I have three Ouija boards sitting in my home as we speak. They are in my back office on display. I believed I bought one of them years ago from a fellow haunted collector, and the other two were sent to me by people struggling with their own paranormal problems. They believed that the board had something to do with it, and they were looking to dump it.

That's where I come in.

People often ask me if I use them in paranormal investigations. I have before, but not as you think. I don't sit at a table with a spirit board and try to conjure up spirits. That seems too...what's the word?....disrespectful to me. Instead, I will set a video camera up, point it at the Ouija board and planchette, perhaps put a K2 meter on it, and see if I can get any kind of weird or strange phenomena to happen. In all honestly, in all the years of doing this, I cannot say that I got any strange or substantial evidence when applying those simple ghost hunting principles.

Just because I have not gotten any substantial evidence, does not mean that I do not remain curious. In fact, I am fascinated by spirit boards.

My simple question is: what experiences have you had with Ouija Boards? Do tell.

Thank you!


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